Home of 3 generations of experience in blending, bottling & maturing

  The art of blending whisky has been practiced in Scotland for over a hundred & fifty years. Recognised the world over as an artisan craft; it requires a complete blend of artistic vision, aptitude and finesse. Master Blenders have long been recognised as standard bearers of the industry. Keeping their eyes trained on the past and future, they monitor the progress of ageing whiskies, while ensuring their stocks are always in place to maintain continuity. McIvor 12 Years Old year old a testament to the vision of our Master Blender, who sought to create a full bodied blended Scotch with box complexity and character. Fine aged single malt whiskies have been nurtured in exquisite oak casks, then brought together with aged grain whiskies of superior quality. Here’s to the distiller’s skill; the cooper’s craftsmanship; and the Blender’s Mastery.


Rich and complex. Sweet icing sugar on Victoria sponge with a slight note of milky tea. Toffee, biscuits and walnuts can be found in the array of aromas.


Sweet with a chewy mouth feel. Fresh sultanas with vanilla ice cream, raisins and a touch of oak spice.


Long and developing. More sweet vanilla with cut grass to finish.

Available in:

50ml, 200ml, 350ml, 700ml, 750ml, 1000ml